Flowing with the Flow – 3

How do we get in The Flow?

I guess no one knows the definitive answer to this question, but this little recipe may be helpful…

  1. Figure out who you are, what you were brought here to do, and follow your bliss. Do what you love and love what you do. Express yourself. Be creative. Apply yourself, refine your craft, and become the best you can be. Then, immerse yourself totally in what you are doing, enter that dimension where time and space are altered, and lose yourself in it.
  2. Meditate. Practice stillness, silence, mindfulness, present-moment awareness. Pay attention. Be alert. Be present. Be a master in the art of mindful living. See the beauty. See the Magic, the Mystery and the Miracles. Be amazed. Be grateful. Be happy.
  3. Don’t get distracted by thoughts that don’t pertain to the present moment. Catch your thoughts, acknowledge them, release them, and return to this moment. Be here, now. Do not spend too much time in the past, replaying old mental tapes of an unsettled and unsettling past. Let go of memories that bring up feelings such as regret, resentment and remorse. Don’t think too much about what lies ahead either, and if you do, think positive. As much as possible, be here, now. Remember: Be not afraid. Don’t worry, be happy!
  4. Simplify. Unclutter your life. Get rid of distractions. Let go of lives that have played themselves out and do not serve you anymore. Focus on what is important for you now, at the current stage of your life.
  5. Immerse yourself in nature. Never underestimate the power of nature to bring you to a flow state.
  6. Practice gratitude. Cultivate a grateful heart.
  7. Clean your vessel. Become the hollow bone. Remove the inner obstacles — negative feelings such as envy, anger and hatred — and allow Love to flow freely through you. Send love, all the time, to everyone. Send love to yourself, and do this regardless of time: send love to your old and to your future self.
  8. Empty yourself. Operate with a beginner’s mind. Don’t let your past experiences and ideas taint the here-now. Approach every moment as a new moment, every situation as a new situation, with the freshness and curiosity of a little child.
  9. Be present to another. Give your undivided attention to whoever may be with you at any given time.
  10. Practice kindness, patience and generosity. Become one who beams rays of light and love.
  11. Practice optimism. Believe that everything is getting better. Believe that Heaven is here if we want it to be.

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