Flowing with the Flow – 2

What is “The Flow?”

“The Flow” are those moments when we feel that we have been transported to another dimension — another place or sphere of existence — where we experience an intensification of senses, feelings and emotions so powerful as to produce a kind of trance that leads to a dissociation from everything but the experience itself. Those are moments of total immersion in the here-now, when we feel as if we are out of ourselves, observing ourselves doing great things, and feeling that we are not doing them, but they are being done through us. In sports, we say of athletes who are operating at this flow state as being “in the zone.”

The Flow are those moments of:

  • rapture
  • transport to other dimensions
  • altered and heightened perception
  • unrestricted self-confidence
  • masterful performance and execution
  • joyful ecstasy and delight
  • overpowering emotion
  • intense feeling
  • euphoria
  • bliss
  • elation
  • exaltation
  • poetic inspiration
  • supreme happiness
  • utter joy
  • peaceful contentment

flow green


Remember : This is our Garden and our Playground. Let us enjoy the beauty of the Garden and have fun in the Playground. Let us make the Garden more beautiful and the Playground more enjoyable. And let us share our toys, because our friends’ joy increases our own.

Remember: We have to work on ourselves and hone our skills, but we also have to remember that the flow is a state of non-doing, of non-striving. We don’t get in the flow through our efforts, our willpower, our thinking, our mind, our intellect. Going after a state of flow does not work. The more we chase it, the more it moves away. We experience the flow spontaneously through our soul, our heart, our acceptance, our mindful living. Stop, and let it come to you. Say, “I allow. I am ready to receive.”

Remember: The best thing to do is to engage in the process of “emptying ourselves,” doing this diligently and continually, letting go of thoughts, ideas, expectations, desires, in order to live every moment as a new and fresh one, allowing he Life Force Energy to flow freely in us and through us.



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