Flowing with the Flow – 1

To be “in the zone” is to be in that desirable state in which you are fully immersed and completely absorbed by the activity at hand, feeling energized and focused. When you are “in the zone,” you are “flowing with the flow,” achieving great things effortlessly, enjoying the process, and feeling happy.

To be “in the zone” is to be totally “in the here-now,” without entertaining any thoughts that do not pertain to the present moment. When we are “in the zone,” we are completely immersed in what we are doing, and we don’t think about anything else. In fact, we feel that we are not actually doing anything; we feel that the doing is being done through us. Our perception of time and space is altered, and we feel that time slows down, that everything is unfolding in slow motion, and that we are mere observers of ourselves while we do extraordinary things. We become one with our environment, and our sense of being a separated self vanishes; we merge with the Universe and experience oneness. This state of expanded awareness allows us to do amazing feats.

To “be in the zone” is a profound experience that can be labeled as spiritual. This deep connection and communion with everything gives us a new understanding of life and prepares us to face death as a peaceful transition.

Our goal should be to be “in the zone” as often as possible.

The paradox is that we have to first put in some effort in order to break through a threshold and reach that state in which effort is no longer needed. Then, we are taken over by a Higher Force that uses us — this refined instrument that we have become –to effortlessly bring what needs to be brought to the world.

I believe that before we reach that ‘flow state’ in which we surrender and allow the Divine Force to flow freely through us, we have to improve ourselves. In other words, we have to do some things in order to reach that level in which we don’t do anything, and great things are done through us.

Apply yourself to learn, but live in a state where you don’t struggle to learn because you have realized that knowledge and wisdom are already in you, and that you already know what needs to be known. Apply yourself to do, and reach that point when you don’t do, but simply allow the Divine Force to do through you. Experience the wondrous shift from human-doing to human-being… a human who is in the zone, flowing with the flow.


P.S. The desire to be better is praiseworthy, and the commitment to do what is necessary to improve oneself is honorable, but let us be aware that the motivation to improve ourselves is, most of the time, a selfish one. That’s OK, as long as we are cognizant of the arrogance of the ego that takes us to compare ourselves with others in order to give us emotional rewards through feelings of superiority. For instance, even on the journey to attain spiritual enlightenment the ego wants to feel that it is “better than” someone else… “I am obviously more evolved and more spiritual than her because I do this and that and she, clearly, does not.”

Pay attention and be aware of what the ego is engendering. Change your focus from selfishness to selflessness, and make of the effort and dedicated work you are putting into your personal development your sacrificial gift for the betterment of others and the world.


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