How do I live knowing that I will die?

Here are, according to George Harrison, the fundamental questions: “Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?” or as Wayne Muller puts them, “Who am I? What do I love? How shall I live, knowing that I will die? What is my gift to the family of the Earth?”

When Mary gave me the stone, she solemnly deposited it in the palm of my hand. While holding my hand between hers, she looked me in the eyes and said, “May this remind you of who you are and what you were brought here to do.”

“What was I brought here to do?”!!! Wow!!! This is a big question…

I believe that we came here to learn. We came here to teach. We came here to work on our own selves, undergo radical transformations, and have those experiences that make us feel that we — all of us and the entire Universe — are one. We came here to journey from the grounds of separation and exclusion to those places of unity and inclusion. We came here to realize the ever-producing and never-ending abundance of this Universe, realize that there is more than enough for everyone to live good lives. We came here to learn to let go of the need to compete, defeat, and accumulate more than we need. We came here to learn to criticize less, judge less, condemn less, and love more. We are here to walk the path from selfishness to selflessness. We came here to grow in empathy, compassion, kindness, and generosity, and learn that we have more fun when we share our toys. We came here to learn to see beyond what we see, see all the magic, mystery and miracles that surround us, and be grateful. We came here to enjoy the splendor of this beautiful garden and have fun in this awesome playground that was given to us. We came here to give our contributions to make the garden even more beautiful and the playground even more enjoyable for all. We came here to understand — and to help others understand — that Heaven is here if we want it to be. We came here to observe the impermanence of all things, and learn how to live knowing that we will die.

Perhaps we are here, going through all the joy and sorrow, so we can learn the most important lesson: how to die before we die.

We came here to practice looking deeply, listening attentively, learning unceasingly, leading compassionately, laughing profusely, and loving wastefully in order to live fully. May we be able to leave an honorable legacy behind and let go of everything with grace and ease when the time of departure arrives.

To look. To listen. To learn. To lead. To laugh. To love. To live. To leave a legacy. To let go of all.

That’s what we came here to do.

That’s what we were brought here to do.






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