Daily Reflections – Week 15

april 10

April 10. Good morning! Look at the sky. Feel the warmth as the rays of the Sun touch your skin. Feel the breeze. Aren’t you blessed? Today is another beautiful day in Paradise, isn’t it? Be grateful. Today’s a good day to bring out the best version of yourself. But before putting yourself in motion to acquire more knowledge or learn new skills, pause to realize the knowledge and skills that already reside within you. Commence this journey from within. Let having a deep knowing of yourself be the starting point of your journey. Learn to enjoy silence and solitude, and to listen to the voice of God. Dedicate time to connect with your inner wisdom. Realize that your main job is to find your inner treasure and bring it out into the world. Your main job is to allow your authentic self to come to light. By doing so, you will be enriching the world with your uniqueness. May this be the beginning of your journey to become the best version of yourself. This is what will allow you to give your best contribution to the world. You don’t need to do more, add more, or acquire more. All you need to do now is to allow your authentic self to come to light. All you need to do now is to find your inner treasure, bring it out, and share it with humanity. Know this inner source of unlimited wealth and how to access it, and live every moment of your life as this immensely rich, wise and successful being that you are. It feels good, doesn’t it? That’s it. You can do it. Just do it! Right here. Right now. Namaste.

april 11

April 11. Good morning! The sun came out again, and what a beautiful day it is! Look around and see the Magic, the Mystery, and the Miracles. Today is another wonderful day in Paradise, isn’t it? Let us be grateful and happy. Today is a good day to continue practicing to let go of troubling thoughts. Go to that place of peace, silence and stillness within you, and observe what is going on in your mind. Identify those thoughts that bring about regret, resentment, remorse, worry and fear, and realize that they are there because your mind is either in the past or in the future, remembering, imagining, or projecting. Identify those recurring thoughts, the ones that come up often, the ones that are played in your mind time and time again, and realize that none of those troubling thoughts are real; they are solely in your mind. Realize that in the present moment, right here, right now, everything is fine. Remember that the present moment is all that there is; the rest is illusion. The past is gone and the future is not here, and when it arrives it will not be the future: it will be the Now. Practice to live mindfully. Practice to catch yourself when your mind is wandering away, and to gently steer it back to here-now, letting your troubling thoughts go. Use the technique of becoming aware of your breathing as your aid to come back to the present moment. Populate your mind with hope, confidence, optimism, and the resolve to courageously tackle whatever situations may be troubling you, one by one, one at a time, in the present moment. Focus on the here-now. Plan your work and work your plan. Take action to get rid of your problems. Simplify your life. Go ahead and do it. You can do it. Just do it! Now! Namaste.

april 12

April 12. Good morning! Today is another beautiful day in Heaven, isn’t it? Let us be grateful and happy. Today is a good day to practice creative visualization. Go to the center of our being, to that place of stillness and serenity, and imagine you having a perfect day today. This is a powerful visualization that will help you create a wonderful day. Visualize your day from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed at night. Divide your day in segments, and visualize each part of your day, such as your breakfast, your workout, your meditation, your work projects, visualize everything unfolding beautifully, as you desire, or even better, giving you great satisfaction. Imagine all your commutes being pleasant. Imagine all your interactions being pleasant. Imagine meeting wonderful people and having wonderful, enriching experiences and conversations throughout the day. Imagine sharing many beautiful moments with people you love. Imagine perfect meals with delicious, nutritious food. Now imagine you tackling your projects. Visualize everything unfolding easily and smoothly, with you being able to get a lot accomplished. How does it feel? Isn’t it a great feeling? Focus on the feelings. Visualize yourself in awe, noticing all the beauty that surrounds you. Visualize yourself telling yourself, “This is it! This is awesome! I am so blessed! I have such a good life! I love my life!” Visualize yourself being truly happy, content, and satisfied. Concentrate on the feelings. Imagine yourself exuding optimism and blessing everybody you meet with your positive energy. Can you see how your positive, peaceful presence enriches their lives? Can you feel how much better they feel when you are around? Imagine yourself successfully practicing mindfulness, paying attention, being alert, and living fully in the present moment throughout the day. Now, let me reveal the secret for having this perfect day: look for and find all the wonderful things you have visualized as your day unfolds. One more time… Go forth, look for and find what you have visualized, and have a perfect day. Namaste.

april 13

April 13. Good morning! Today is another beautiful day in Heaven, isn’t it? Let us be grateful and happy. If you haven’t been doing it, today is a good day to go back to the practice of meditation. Find a quiet place and start your day by sitting still. Close you eyes and focus on your breathing. Mentally count the duration of your inhalation and exhalation. Observe what is going on in your mind. As you become aware of your thoughts, gently let them go by refocusing on your breathing, on the counting, or silently reciting a mantra. Go to that place of peace, silence, and stillness that you find beyond the thinking mind. When you catch yourself thinking, acknowledge the fact, but don’t engage any further with your thoughts; don’t continue the mental activity. Pause, tell yourself, “I will get back to that after the meditation is over,” and release the thought. Visualize a little boat, which is now carrying your thought away, floating down a stream and disappearing in the distance. Stay in the gap between thoughts. Now that you have completed your meditation, take some additional time to consider these two situations: imagine winning a huge sum of money, and now having all the means to do whatever you want; what would you do? And here’s the second question… Imagine being told that you only have a limited time to live; what would you do? Listen to the answers. If you are not sure of the answers, come back to the questions other times of the day, or other days. Meditate. Be still and let the true answers come to you. Your journey to get anywhere begins from the place where you are. Before setting yourself in motion to get somewhere, be aware of where you stand, here, now. If you don’t know where you want to go, don’t move. If you don’t know where you are, don’t move. Get clarity on your current location and destination before doing anything.

“What do I do when I am lost in the forest?” asks the disciple. The master responds, “Stand still! The forest knows where you are. You must let it find you.” Namaste. ~ Piero

april 14

April 14. Good morning! Today is another beautiful day in paradise, isn’t it? Let us be grateful and happy. Today is a good day to practice the art of living mindfully. Begin by realizing that you are not your thoughts. You are not the thinker; you are the one who is able to observe what’s going on in your mind. To be mindful is to be aware; aware of what is going on right here, right now, in this present moment. Mindfulness is awareness; moment to moment awareness. To be mindful is to be awake, alert, aware, and alive. Make of your life your meditation practice. Meditate all the time. Ask yourself, “Where am I right now? What am I doing right now? How am I feeling right now? What am I thinking right now?” Develop the habit of asking these questions many times throughout the day. This will make you mindful of the present moment, the only moment that there is. Be here, now. When you are cooking, cook. When you are eating, eat. When you are in the shower, be in the shower. Be aware. Be mindful. Be here, now. Mindfulness is the practice of bringing your mind back to the present moment. One of the easiest ways of doing it is by pausing and redirecting your attention to your breathing. When breathing, breathe. We are only alive in this moment. Be here, now. Become the Observer, the Watcher, the Witness, the Knower. As your mind drifts away into the past and the future, bring it back to the present. This is your practice. Make it your intention to pay attention to the present moment without judging it. Don’t expect anything. Don’t judge the quality of your mindfulness meditation. There’s no right or wrong way of doing it. Just do it! Do it and bring more peace to your life and to the world. Namaste.

april 15

April 15. Good morning! Today is another beautiful day in paradise, isn’t it? Let us be grateful and happy. Today is a good day to reflect upon your priorities in life. Go to the center of your being. Meditate, and after your meditation, ponder… What is calling me? What is the greatest contribution that I can give to the world? What is the one thing that I know I should do? What is the one thing that nine months from now, looking back, I will say with conviction, “That was the right thing to do. I am happy that I have decided to do it. I am happy that I have put my energy into doing it, and said “no” to other less important things.” What is the one thing that if you do it, no matter what else may happen in your life, will make you feel good about yourself? What is the one thing that nine months from now, looking back, you will regret not having done? If you know what this thing is, don’t waste any time. Honor your destiny. Put yourself in motion. Walk on the path that is right for you. Follow your bliss. Begin now. Don’t think too much. Do it. Just do it! Namaste.

april 16

April 16. Good morning! Can you hear the silence? Pause. Listen. What do you hear? There is a humming in the silence. Can you hear it? Today’s another beautiful day in paradise, isn’t it? Today’s a good day to go outside and immerse yourself in nature. Go outside and look at the sky. Are there any clouds? It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Look down. Can you see the blades of grass? Weeds? Some fallen leaves, maybe? Notice the little things that are near you. Do you see the ants, the bees? Notice also the big things that are far from you. Notice the vastness of the sky and realize that you are standing on top of a rotating sphere traveling through the cosmos. Pay attention! Be alert! Notice the Magic, the Mystery, and the Miracles that surround and bless you all the time. Can you see birth? Can you see death? Can you understand the impermanence of all things? Can you see rebirth? Observe your breathing. Breathe in and notice the quality of your breathing, the air flowing through your nostrils, the movements of your abdomen and chest. Breathe out and observe. Be here, now. Notice your feet touching the ground. Feel the sacredness of where you stand; it is holy ground, all of it. Everything is beautiful. Everything is magical, miraculous and mysterious. Do you see the shadows and the light? Recognize the wonder of all and be grateful. See beauty everywhere, all around you. Breathe in. Breathe out. Feel the Force in you and all around you. Can you feel it? Can you feel it? Right here, right now, in this present moment, you are awake, alert, aware and alive. Right here, right now you are whole, perfect and complete; nothing is missing. Nothing to want. Everything to be grateful for. Pause. You are practicing mindfulness. You are here, now. You are living mindfully. You are a peaceful presence. You are a blessing to the world. Now, go forth in this mindful state, and bless the world with your peace. Namaste.


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