Daily Reflections – Week 8

February 20February 20, 2015. Good morning! It’s another beautiful day in Paradise. Be grateful and rejoice. Today is a good day to envision new possibilities for our world. Close your eyes, go to your place of peace and imagine a whole new world. See a world without conflicts. See everybody living dignified, fear-free, beautiful, exciting and joyful lives. See yourself as one of those enlightened individuals who are contributing with new visions that will bring about the shift that will make life on this planet immensely better. See yourself as a leader of the movement that will bring Heaven to Earth. See yourself as the one you and the entire mankind has been waiting for. Go forth and change the world! You can do it! Namaste. ~ Piero February 21February 21, 2015. Good morning. Look around and see the Magic, the Mystery, and the Miracles. Be grateful and rejoice. Today is a good day to practice acceptance and patience. Know that you have a purpose for being here. Know that, as long as you are living an authentic life in alignment with your highest purpose, what must happen will eventually happen. So, relax. Don’t get agitated and impatient. Don’t try to force things and rush them into happening. There is a right time for everything. If you believe that everything will be OK then you have to recognize that everything is OK already. Life is a journey. Wherever you are, that’s your current destination. There are lessons to be learned and taught right where you are. Pay attention! Be alert! Every place has its gifts; acknowledge and accept them. Consider that where you are right now is where you should be. Instead of waiting for life to be perfect some day in the future, recognize that it is perfect already, and find peace in the here-now. Go forth and enjoy the present! Everything is perfect already. Namaste. ~ Piero

February 22February 22, 2015. Good morning! The sun came up again. Isn’t that a wonderful blessing? Be grateful for this Universe and for your life. Acknowledge the Magic, the Mystery and the Miracles. Rejoice! Smile! Go to the center of your being, to that quiet place of peace, and feel the Divine Energy tenderly embracing you. Feel how loved and protected you are. Now think about your ancestors and the people who came before you. Think about your parents and their parents. Think about your teachers and their teachers. Think about those friends of yours who have already departed. Go back in time and think about the Great Masters of Humanity, those sages whose wisdom continues to bless us. Now imagine that all of them, with their immense wisdom and power, are here with you, at your side, protecting, encouraging and advising you. Today is a good day to acknowledge the presence of these angels. They bless, inspire and guide you. Pay attention! Be alert! Think about the beautiful coincidences in your life. What other proof do you need that angels are always here with you? Realize that you are never alone and that you can always ask for divine help. Ask for guidance, listen to the whispers, accept the counsel, and take action. Surrender and allow the Divine Energy to flow and act in the world through you. Now go forth to change the world. And remember… you are never alone. Have a great day! Namaste. ~ Piero

February 23February 23, 2015. Good morning! Life is good, isn’t it? So much to be thankful for, right? Today is a good day to practice compassion and solidarity. Let us think about those who do not have what we have and let us realize how their well-being is important for our own. Let us reflect on how we are all in this together and how their happiness contributes to ours. So be generous today. Give your time and attention to the people you come in contact with. Be mindful of their needs. Be patient and kind. Believe that everybody can live a dignified life and give your contribution to create a new world where justice reigns. Remember… Nothing has more power to make us happy than making others happy. Namaste. ~ Piero

February 24February 24, 2015. Good morning! Today is a good day to practice paying attention. Today is a good day to pay attention to where you are focusing your attention. Begin this day with your morning meditation. Observe your thought stream and your emotions, acknowledge them, and gently return, as many times as necessary, to your place of peace. Now go forth with your day paying attention to your thoughts and emotions. Do like the master who when asked by his disciple what was his secret for always being so peaceful and happy answered, “I never leave my place of meditation.” Observe yourself. Pay attention to your attention. Practice the art of living mindfully. Never leave your place of meditation. Namaste. ~ Piero

P.S. Look at the flower. What do you see? Do you see the Magic, the Mystery, and the Miracles? Look again. What do you see? Pay attention! Be alert!

February 25February 25, 2015. Good morning! It’s another beautiful day in Heaven, isn’t it? This is the day that was given to us, the only one we actually have, so let us rejoice, be happy, and make the most of it. Today is a good day to redirect our attention and look inside ourselves. So don’t look for treasures out in the world today. Go inward instead. Look inside your own self. What you will find there may surprise you. If you look carefully you will find a treasure chest full of peace, contentment and happiness, and you will realize how rich you already are! Look inside, discover this wonderful treasure, and realize that you already have — and have always had — what you have been looking for! Namaste. ~ Piero

February 26February 26, 2015. Good morning! Today is a good day to think about the life you want to live. Today is a good day to remember that you are the creator of your life and that you are creating it at every moment by the thoughts, words and actions you choose. You are creating your life right now. Creating the life you aspire to live may look like a colossal challenge, but let this not discourage or distress you. Every big thing is made of little ones. Think of books, for instance, and how authors bring them to existence one chapter at a time, or, if you will, one page, one paragraph, one sentence, one word, one letter at a time. You are creating your life the same way; one day, one hour, one minute, one moment at a time. A healthy body, a sound mind, and all the other factors that together constitute a good life come about one decision at a time, one mindful moment at a time. So approach life this way. Stay in the present moment. Practice the art of living mindfully. Pay attention. Be alert. Take on one little thing at a time and make the right choice in each moment. It’s not difficult. It becomes easier with practice. No need for affliction. You don’t have to do it all today. Just do a little bit everyday. Be gentle with yourself, and ponder that the good life is not so much about doing as it is about being, it is not so much about building as it is about allowing. Focus on removing the self-imposed obstacles and allow your most beautiful self that is hiding within you to come to life. Namaste. ~ Piero


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