What do I choose?

In my life, what do I choose to create? What do I choose to experience?


How can I enhance my freedom and help others enhance their freedom?

How can I grow in compassion and help others be more compassionate?

How can I encourage those who detain power to be less selfish and more compassionate?

What can I do to promote equality and create a world with equal access to opportunities for everyone?

How can I promote justice and peace, and inspire others to promote justice and peace as well?

How can I encourage others to embrace diversity, promote unity and create community?

How can I live a life that is better for the environment?


1 – Simplify.

2 – Buy less.

3 – Work less.

4 – Do more of what you like.

5 – Give back.

6 – Care for the environment.

7 – Care for your fellow man

8 – Tame fear and promote justice and peace in all levels.


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