Daily Reflections – Week 1

2015 January 01

January 1, 2015. My first 2015 sunrise watch. New Year, I welcome you, and all possibilities and successes.

2015 January 02

January 2, 2015. The sun rises again. Our planet is so beautiful! We are blessed. I am feeling great!

2015 January 03

January 3, 2015. Good morning. A special sunrise walking for peace with my fellow Peace Walkers at the Coral Springs monthly Silent Peace Walk. Feel the breeze.

2015 January 04

January 4, 2015. Good morning. Another beautiful sunrise on our beautiful planet. It is good to know that the Earth keeps rotating and our sun, stars, and planets out there are doing what they are supposed to do without my help. I am practicing “present moment peace:” I remind myself that life is a succession of present moments and I choose to be peaceful in this present moment, right now. And let me tell you, it’s working; I feel peaceful. Thoughts for the day: The good I seek is seeking me. What I desire, desires me. Know that you are loved. Namaste.

2015 January 05

January 5, 2015. Good morning. The Moon says “Goodbye,” and the Sun says “Hello.” The Earth keeps rotating. Spheres keep traveling through the cosmos and here we are, living on top of one of those. Miracles. Huge miracles! Today is a good day to live mindfully. Monitor your thoughts. Keep the positive ones and discard the negative ones. Today is a good day to practice optimism. Make this day a great day! Live one present moment at a time. Live mindfully! Have a great day! Know that you are loved.

2015 January 06

January 6, 2015. Good morning! I invite you to enjoy your present moment. I was blessed with another day to live — a privilege — and I will make the best of it. Breathing consciously. Admiring the blues and the greens. Happy, healthy, wealthy and wise. Namaste.

2015 January 07

January 7, 2015. Good morning! The sun is shining! Nothing to worry about. Everything is going to be alright. Miracles happen. Encounters. Believe!

~ Piero


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