Spiritual beings we are

Who am I?

I am not my body. My body keeps changing, but I remain.

I am not what I do. What I do keeps changing, but I remain.

I am not what I have. My possessions keep changing, but I remain.

I am not the many characters I have played in the theater of life. My roles keep changing, but I remain. I am not the many professional positions I have occupied, the labels people have used to identify me, the tribes I belong to, or the story others choose to tell about me. My occupations, identities, tribes, and what others say about me keep changing, but I remain.

I am not what I have accumulated. I am not the power I may have, the position I may occupy, the prestige I may command, or the privileged treatment I may receive. I am not whatever I am attached to or has been attached to me. Everything is impermanent and keeps changing, but I remain. Take everything away from me — every single thing, including this physical life — and still, I will remain.

Who am I, then, if I am not my body, if I am not what I do and what I have?

I am the one who does not change.

And who, then, is this unchangeable I?

I am an eternal spiritual being having a temporary human experience. I am the Life Force Energy. I am the Life. I am the Force. I am the Energy. I am All. I am.


“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

I am the one who sees the truth beyond the illusions that deceive and enslave, and the truth has set me free.



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