Advice to my sons – A second serving

Dear sons,

1 – Be not afraid. Do not be afraid of anything. There aren’t any reasons to be afraid. Look back and see where you are, and realize that you always have been taken good care of. You are a divine spiritual being and everything you need will always be given to you. It is your birthright. So, don’t be afraid. Be grateful.


2 – Let go of the need to control every aspect of life: yours and everyone else’s. Just live and let live. Trust that life is unfolding exactly as it should, guided by the Supreme Intelligence of the Universe. Let go of the need to control the outcomes. Relax, take a deep breath, and see good things happening to you and around you all the time.

3 – Stay away from rigid beliefs and ideologies. Stay away from the need to judge right from wrong, good from bad. Stay away from the need to defend your position. Remain open, but true to yourself. If necessary, speak your truth gently.

4 – Life is not made of absolutes, and there will always be many things to be considered on this journey of learning and teaching. So, accept and don’t accept. Don’t fight and fight. Plan and don’t plan. Share and don’t share. Tell your dreams, plans, and desires to some people but not to others. Listen to advice and make your own decisions. Explore alternatives. Involve helpers early rather than later in the process. Prepare. Plan but don’t plan too much. When the moment is right, just do it!

Know that you are loved!


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