I Am Here to Give – 8

If we want to get out of our misery and pain, we should give. We should help and serve.

The fail-safe formula for true happiness is to make others happy. We do good and we end up feeling good. And because we feel good, we end up doing more good, and feeling even better.

To love is to get to a stage where the only selfish desire we have is the desire to feel good by doing good. To love is to reach that stage where we give freely, willingly, not only what we have, but also what we don’t know we have until the moment we give. Even without having, we give, just to discover that we always have more than enough to give.

We must share what we have, as well as what we don’t have. Not sharing what we have is selfish, but not sharing our needs is also selfish, because we deprive others of opportunities to give.

Again, the fail-safe formula for true happiness is to make others happy. We make people happy by doing something for them, but we can make them happier by allowing them to do something for us.

It is a dynamic process.

Once we evolve and become better human beings, we feel called to serve, and because we serve, we become better human beings.


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