I Am Here to Give – 5

The people that really impact our lives are the people that show that they care. They are the ones who make themselves available to be used by God.

In every interaction, even the ones that last just a few seconds, we plant some seeds. Every time we meet someone we have a choice regarding the type of seeds that we will plant. If we are unselfish, mindful of other people’s needs, and present to listen and to love with a soft heart, we will be planting good seeds. But if we are caught in the “us versus them” illusion, if suspicion, prejudice, judgment, fear, and greed make us retreat to selfishness, we will be bringing the fast growing  seeds of the hardened-heart weed to the heart fields. Don’t do that! Choose to plant only the good seeds. Every time you meet other people, take the time to plant the seeds of kindness, love and peace in their hearts. These seeds will produce healthy plants that will last a lifetime.


Let us give our time and attention, make ourselves totally available, and show that we care. Let us be present, listen deeply, and speak gently, softly, with love.


Be present
Be the present
Be the presence



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