I Am Here to Give – 4

The best exercise for a healthy heart is to reach down and lift others up.

We are here on Earth, to reach out and touch hearts with love and kindness, only to have our own hearts touched and transformed in the process. At the end of our physical existences, it will not be what we have gotten, but what we have given that will matter. We will be remembered not by the assets we accumulated but by the impressions we left on the hearts we touched.


It is by giving that we receive. It is by bestowing love, compassion, forgiveness, patience, and kindness that we receive the same gifts back. In all relations, be them among individuals or nations, it is by making others feel safe and at peace that we experience the same safety and peace.

The more we give, the more we receive. The measure we use to give will always be the same measure used to give back to us. If we want to receive more, we must give more.

“And, in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” ~ The Beatles



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