I Am Here to Give – 2

The prayer of Saint Francis contains a powerful reminder: ‘It is giving that we receive.”

Although I have known this for a long time, I have not made “giving” my main job. Now that I am more aware of the universal flow of giving and receiving, I have decided to be more proactive in my giving.

I feel that a lot was given to me, and that it is my duty to give the gifts that I was brought here to give. I feel that I must not hold anything back, because giving my gifts is my mission in life; that’s what I was brought here to do, and my job is to find ways of giving.

So, I am now paying more attention. I am actively looking for opportunities to give. I am trying to be more generous. I am trying to go around with the firm intention to give.


Receiving is inextricably connected to giving, and we should be careful not to interrupt this flow. We all want to receive, and in order to receive, we must give. The more we give, the more we receive.

So, share your gifts, whatever they may be. Bless others with your creation. Share your smile, your art, your music, your laughter, your generosity, your optimism, your lessons.

Be patient. Be kind. Be loving. Be giving.


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