I Am Here

Liz Velez, my good friend and teacher, wrote something undoubtedly divinely inspired. I asked permission to share her inspired words and she agreed.
My suggestion… Take your time. Read slowly and pause often. Savor the words. Allow this prayer to become yours.
I Am Here
I am not here to make others happy and by making them happy make them love me and admire me.
I am here to listen to the guidance of my inner voice, to discover infinity inside of me, to surrender in the loving arms of God.
I am here to see light… in the sun, in the moon, in the stars, in the eyes of a child, woman, or man.
I am here to feel the fire inside my soul burning doubt, fear, anger away, and bringing forth passion, desire, love.
I am here to recognize God in the eyes of all who come to me, embrace them, see them, know that they are I and I am they.
We are one.
I am not here to possess or own anything.I am here to give everything: my time, the embrace of my arms, the work of my hands, the love in my heart, the light in my eyes. Everything I have is borrowed; it is on loan from the universe.

I pray I can easily give up what does not serve me.

I pray I can easily give my service to all…to God…to the Universe….

May my desires be your desires, Divine Energy within me.

Take me.

Guide me.

Allow me to be an instrument of peace.

Allow me to be an instrument of your divine intelligence.

~ Liz Velez