I Am: An Epiphany of Oneness – Part 2

An Epiphany of Oneness

I look around and see miracles. I look around and see Heaven. I look around and see the Garden and the Playground. I look around and see the Divine Presence everywhere, all around me, and in me. I am part of the whole. Actually I am not a part; I am the Whole. I am

I don’t exist isolated. Separation is an illusion. I am not this little, unconnected, detached, and fearful being that I thought I was. I am the Whole. I am

Only One exists. I am the Universe. I am the Immense One. I am the Whole. I am holy.  I am


 I Am

I had my “I Am” epiphany in the morning, and later that day, I had a conversation with Peggy about Centering Prayer. She told me how blessed she felt for the many gifts that had been bestowed upon her throughout her life, and that she felt called to give back, putting those gifts to good use. She told me that she was going to do a presentation about Centering Prayer to a group in the church, and I mentioned to her the documentary about Father Thomas Keating that I had watched recently. Peggy was not aware of the documentary, so I went on the computer and showed her the trailer. Well, I was blessed by another synchronicity, another God-incidence. Father Keating’s words came as a reassurance of the message I had received earlier in the day. His words were a blessing to complement my blessing.


Please, take a moment to watch the trailer. Father Thomas Keating is one of the three individuals who brought Centering Prayer as an organized method of meditation to us.

Here are Father Keating’s words that resonated with me:

— Interviewer: “Someone once wrote that ‘you can never see God because God is not an object, God is the subject.’ Can you comment on that?”

— Father Keating: “You can’t see God, because when you are God, there’s nothing to see.”

My insight: I don’t exist isolated. Separation is an illusion. I am not this little, unconnected and detached being that I thought I was. I am the Whole. I am. ~ Piero

Is it not written in your Law, “I have said you are gods.” ~ John 10:34

On that day you will realize that I am in my father, and you in me, and I in you. ~ John 14:20

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“The gift of God is absolutely gratuitous. It is not something you earn. It is something that is there. It is something that you just have to accept. This is a gift that has been given. There’s no place to go to get it. There’s no place you can go to avoid it. It just is. It is part of our very existence. And so, the purpose of all great religions is to bring us into this relationship with reality that is so intimate that no word can possibly describe it.” ~ Thomas Keating

Father Thomas Keating

My insight: I look around and see miracles. I look around and see Heaven. I look around and see the Garden and the Playground. I look around and I see the Divine Presence everywhere. I see the Divine Presence all around me and in me. I am part of the whole. Actually I am not a part; I am the Whole. I am. ~ Piero


“… humans can be participants in the Divine Nature. Grace is a participation in the Divine Nature, not just something added on, like an overcoat. It is a radical transformation of the whole of human nature so that it can be a divine human being, meaning it can exercise freedom, compassion, love.” ~ Thomas Keating

“Our project is not just to become a better human being, as desirable as that would be for our friends and relatives, but it is to become a divine human being, or to learn how to live human life in a divine way. The project is the transformation of individuals and, at some point, of the whole human family.” ~ Thomas Keating


My reflection: … the more I meditate about it, the more I am convinced that what we really need is for humanity to embrace a new paradigm. We need new visions for a better future. We need more and more people to wake up and see different possibilities for living and thriving together. What we need is a widespread understanding of who we really are. Once we understand who we really are, and what life really is, we will see differently, and then a change for the better will happen.

In order to bring justice and peace to our world, we need more and more individuals having profound transformational experiences which change the way they see everything: themselves, others, the environment, the planet, the cosmos, the Universe…

I am convinced that the awareness of our oneness, the one that emerges from those awakenings, those deep personal transformations, is essential to bring about more unselfishness, solidarity, justice and peace to the world. So, in my opinion, what we need for peace to prevail in our world is a bigger contingent of individuals with this evolved understanding of who we really are. Great ideas of how to organize ourselves to live in a more just society will not take us too far without a large contingent of evolved individuals. Personal transformation is essential for the success of societal transformation. Personal evolution precedes successful social progress.

There have always been individuals who went through these transformative experiences and who developed this new understanding, but they have always been a small fraction of the world population. In order for the world to radically change for the better, we need more of those evolved beings, and in order for their numbers to grow we need to demystify the current belief that enlightenment is hard and can only be achieved by a few gifted individuals. We need to disseminate the idea that awakening and expanded awareness is at hand. We need to encourage everyone to engage in meditation, mindful living, and any other practice that may lead them to attain that new consciousness that will not only allow them to experience Heaven, but also enlist them in the work of revealing Heaven on Earth. ~ Piero




If you feel inspired to watch the documentary about Father Thomas Keating, the DVD is available at the store of Contemplative Outreach. I highly recommend it.




A Rising Tide of Silence (the movie) is a reflective portrait of Father Thomas Keating, one of today’s most influential spiritual leaders. Interweaving historical footage, interviews, and extensive conversations with Father Thomas, the film traces his spiritual journey from an affluent New York City childhood, to an austere Trappist monastic life, to his rise through the Order, and his election as Abbot of St. Joseph’s Abby in 1961. While at the Monastery in the early 1970’s Father Thomas introduced Eastern religious practices to the monks and became one of the originators of Centering Prayer. After resigning as Abbott in 1981, Father Thomas founded Contemplative Outreach in 1984 to bring Centering Prayer to a worldwide audience. A renowned theologian and author of more than 30 books, Father Thomas Keating is widely recognized for his ecumenical approach to spirituality. For those who encounter him, his example is a moving modern journey of faith.


P.S. This article was written on August of 2014. Since  then, Peggy has left this physical dimension. I keep the lovely, gentle, and smiling Peggy Kuntz in my memory. We are all one.


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