An Appeal for Sanity – Part 5



Let us put an end to all division and fighting. Let’s renounce our loyalty to our petty tribes and pledge allegiance to just one big family, the Family of Planet Earth. To say, “I am Human,” should be always enough to identify our only affiliation. As Howard Zinn once said, “We need to assert our allegiance to the human race, and not to any one nation.” 

Let us really feel that we are all in this together. Let us understand that we are all crew members of the same spaceship — Spaceship Earth — and that together we need to take good care of this vehicle and its crew in order to be able to continue our journey through the cosmos.

I am hopeful. I believe the day will come when we will realize that we all have been acting as immature gang members who fight other gangs for no good reason. The day will come when we will no longer pledge allegiance to nations, religions, or schools of thought that separate us from others. The day will come when the ideas that supported our separation in nations and the establishment of borders will be completely obsolete; we will not have to defend territories, and we will not be tempted to conquer territories either. There will be nothing to kill or die for. The day will come when the words of Howard Thurman, “People, all people, belong to each other. And he who shuts himself away, diminishes himself, and he who shuts others away, destroys himself,” will be effortlessly accepted as an unmistakable truth. The day will come when we will look back in disbelief and realize how insane we were; it will be hard for us to understand what led us to divide ourselves, fight each other, and bring so much unnecessary pain and suffering upon ourselves.


Let us bring about a new paradigm for a new world.

Let us allow our minds to be taken over by thoughts of peace, prosperity, and abundance for all. Let us work on our own selves in order to reach that evolved consciousness that allows us to see Heaven on Earth as a real possibility. Let us engage in the work of guiding others to those places where they may be able to envision all creation coexisting in peace and unity, thriving, enjoying, and having fun on Planet Earth, this beautiful Garden and awesome Playground that God gave us.


Believe me. We can do it! We can be powerful agents of change.

Take time to envision Planet Earth as God’s generous gift to us, and imagine that God gave us this beautiful Garden and awesome Playground simply for us to enjoy and have fun together.

Plant the good seeds. Share this vision with your friends and family. Live by it.

Peace and Unity,



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