Positive Affirmations 2

  1. Examine your desires.
  2. Make sure that what you want is what you really want , not what the world around you told you to want.
  3. Be authentic.
  4. Once you have clear that what you desire is actually what is best for you, focus your thoughts on imagining your desires fulfilled, and try to feel now the same joy you will feel when your dreams come true.


Here’s a positive affirmation that you can use: “Everything that is good is coming my way. Everything that is bad is going away.” Just say it. If possible, practice in front of a mirror.

  1. Open your arms and while you say, “Everything that is good is coming my way,” bring your hands toward your chest, palms facing in. Feel everything that is good coming to you, and embrace the good feelings.
  2. Once your hands are near your body, gently rotate them, and with the palms of your hands now facing outward, say, “Everything that is bad is going away.” Say these words while imagining that you are gently and successfully pushing everything that is bad away from you with your hands.
  3. Repeat at least three times, and every time, open a wider smile. “Everything that is good is coming my way. Everything that is bad is going away.”
  4. Sometimes I say, “All that is good comes to me, and stays. All that is bad moves away from me, and never comes back.”

Here’s another thing you can do to develop your positive self-talk: memorize “The Optimist Creed” (I posted it on 10/16/2013) and recite it everyday.

Practice, practice, practice, over and over again, and you will certainly experience all the good things that have always been and will always be available to you.

Namaste! The Divine in me recognizes the Divine all around me, gives thanks and rejoices. Namaste!



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