Just for today, I will be honest

“Just for today, I will do my work honestly.” This is the fourth of five Reiki principles.

Honesty… we know what honesty is, right? Honest individuals are the ones who are correct and fair in all their dealings; they do not deceit, steal, cheat, mislead, exploit, or commit fraud for any reason, especially not for personal gain. They are honorable in their principles, intentions, and actions. When they profess, “I do my work honestly,” they are also saying that they live honorable lives, supporting themselves and their families without harming anyone.

But besides being honest with others, there is also the commitment of honesty with oneself, which is as important as being honest with others, if not more. For me, living this commitment requires keeping the promises I make to myself, heeding my inner calling, giving expression to my life’s purpose, and doing what is necessary to move my life to that place where I may be able to give my best contributions to humanity.

I am conscious that sooner or later my physical life will be over, so I am constantly asking myself, “What must I do before I die? What are the greatest contributions I can leave to the world?”

We all have unique purposes to fulfill during our lifetimes. Our highest purposes are always calling us and seeking expression. I know that, like everybody else, I too have gifts that only I can give. My calling is to make the world better by bettering myself, and by helping other individuals better themselves. My mission is to be a guide, a helper, and a companion of other individuals on their transformational journeys, hoping that they will go through those spiritual epiphanies that will allow them to embrace a new vision for our world as a place of abundance, solidarity, and peace. My highest goal is to be an agent who helps bring Heaven to Earth.¬†I want to spread the idea that Heaven is here, and I dream of the day when this will be the prevailing idea in mankind’s collective unconscious.


So, here is my reflection on “Just for today, I will do my work honestly…”

Just for today, I will earn my living honestly. I will do no harm, and I will bask in the peace of mind that comes from knowing that I have been honest in all my dealings.

Just for today, I will plan my work and work my plan, because when I don’t plan my work, or when I don’t work as planned, not only I get disturbed, but I dishonor my higher calling. So, just for today, I will pay more attention and live more mindfully. I will stay focused on my priorities and make honest choices on how to best use my time. I will reduce my exposure to distractions and be more organized, efficient, and effective. Just for today, I will execute my plans honestly.

Just for today, I will honor my parents, their parents, and all my ancestors. I will honor my teachers, their teachers, and all masters who came before me. I will honor them all by being honest and by striving to be the best that I can be.


I am fully committed to be honest with myself and all other beings, and I encourage you to do the same.


Namaste! The Divine in me recognizes the Divine in you, and rejoices.