The gift of the one who finished last

Yesterday, when the race was long over for the majority of runners, when the medals for the winners had already been given out, when exhibitors were packing and leaving, I saw her approaching the finish line.

There she was, in her final yards, all by herself. Her contortoted body and tense face revealed the pain she was going through. As she could barely move, it was difficult to tell if she had a physical impairment or if she was just struggling with a body that had very little left to give.

By then, there were just a few of us left on the sidelines, and we cheered her up with more intensity than we had applied to cheer the winners of the race.

She crossed the finish line and I was moved to tears.

She didn’t get a medal but she touched my heart more deeply than those who did.

She is the one runner, in that race, who I will remember more than any other else.

It is not always the one who wins who leaves the deepest mark.


Yes, I admire the winners. I admire those who dedicate themselves to a goal and give their best to win. They deserve praise… But I guess that, at this stage of my life, I am more sensitive to the stories of those who finish last than of those who finish first.



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