Peaceful Planet

People ask me, “What do we need in order to have world peace?”

Well, naturally, we need justice.

For me, peace is an offspring of justice.

Without justice there can be no peace.

We need to better organize ourselves to live in society in such ways that bring all forms of oppression and exploitation of our fellow human beings to an end.

We need political, social and economic equality: equal rights and responsibilities.

We need to guarantee to all individuals access to opportunities through which they can reach positions where they can create, be productive, and fully express themselves, so they can give their best contributions to the world.

We need to reward work with real upward social mobility.

Work must really pay off and bring about personal progress and advancement.

The fruits of work must allow workers to provide a dignified life for themselves and their families.

Workers must earn enough so they can live without fear of lack.

We need to come up with better ways of organizing ourselves to live in society, so everyone may have what they need to live with dignity, beginning with guaranteed access to healthy food, clean water, safe shelter, affordable health care, meaningful education, and safe living environments.

In short, if we want peace, we must eradicate poverty.

The lack of means to support oneself brings about instability and conflict.

Poverty is the breeding ground of violent fanatics.

All the worries and concerns the fear of not having enough generates, brings about stress that manifests itself in more violent and less peaceful environments.


But the more I meditate about it, the more I am convinced that what we really need is for humanity to embrace a new paradigm.

We need new visions for a better future.

We need more and more people to wake up and see different possibilities for living and thriving together.

What we need is a widespread understanding of who we really are.

Once we understand who we really are, and what life really is, we will see differently, and then a change for the better will happen.

In order to bring justice and peace to our world, we need more and more individuals having profound transformational experiences which change the way they see everything: themselves, others, the environment, the planet, the cosmos, the Universe…

I am convinced that the awareness of our oneness, the one that emerges from those awakenings, those deep personal transformations, is essential to bring about more unselfishness, solidarity, justice and peace to the world.

So, in my opinion, what we need for peace to prevail in our world is a bigger contingent of individuals with this evolved understanding of who we really are.

Great ideas of how to organize ourselves to live in a more just society will not take us too far without a large contingent of evolved individuals.

Personal transformation is essential for the success of societal transformation.

Personal evolution precedes successful social progress.

There have always been individuals who went through these transformative experiences and who developed this new understanding, but they have always been a small fraction of the world population.

In order for the world to radically change for the better, we need more of those evolved beings, and in order for their numbers to grow we need to demystify the current belief that enlightenment is hard and can only be achieved by a few gifted individuals.

We need to disseminate the idea that awakening and expanded awareness is at hand.

We need to encourage everyone to engage in meditation, mindful living, and any other practice that may lead them to attain that new consciousness that will not only allow them to experience Heaven, but also enlist them in the work of revealing Heaven on Earth.

Our experience is a manifestation of our inner energy.

A beautiful energy manifests a beautiful world.

A peaceful energy manifests a peaceful world.

The more we develop our inner peace, the better will be the reality that will show up for us.

The calmer we are, the calmer the world will be.

Therefore, we must take on our own personal development, the one that produces more light and love, the one that dispels our own inner darkness, the one that sanctifies our souls.

Yes, it demands diligent practice, but it is within everyone’s reach.

Enlightenment is available to everyone, and enlightened individuals are the ones who will bring peace to the world. Period.

My recommendation?

Pay attention and be alert.

Be grateful.

Meditate everyday, or do any other thing; pray, do yoga, sing in the shower, do Reiki, go to mass, plunge fully clothed in a cold stream, walk barefoot on the snow, eat a fruit salad with lots of mango, embark in an extended solo bike ride… do anything, and I mean anything that works for you to experience the Divine.

Since we are all different, the same ritual, the same sets of beliefs, the same religion, will not work for everyone.

As long as you are paying attention, anything, no matter how little, can trigger the spiritual experience that will allow you to Connect, Communicate, and Commune with the Divine.

Pay attention and make sure you are not dwelling in negative feelings such as fear, worry, anxiety, and anger.

If so, pause and replace them with feelings of gratitude, fearlessness, angerlessness, honesty, love, kindness, generosity, compassion, and hope.

This is what will initiate the process that ultimately will bring lasting justice and peace to your world, and to our world.

Go now!

Commune with the Divine, and manifest a peaceful planet.

Namaste. ~ Piero


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