It All Stems From Unselfishness

Everything that is good stems from unselfishness.

Kindness, generosity, patience, love, forgiveness, charity… these wonderful attributes come out naturally once we become uselfish. It is then that we become those giving beings, ready to give of ourselves to others, ready to serve without wanting anything in return. But in order to give something, we must first have it. It is by giving ourselves love, that we can love others.

Once we become unselfish, we develop the capacity to empathize. We develop the capacity to “step inside someone else’s shoes,” and feel what they feel. We develop sensitivity and compassion, that heartfelt desire to help and serve that comes from deeply feeling someone else’s pain and suffering.

OK, we are self-centered by nature. But we can develop sensitivity, empathy and compassion. We can practice and learn to be unselfish. We can practice and learn to make life better for someone else. It doesn’t have to be always about I, Myself, Me, Mine.

So, here are my wishes for all of us…

May we remember to be unselfish.

May we remember to be kind.

May we remember to be generous.

May we remember to be loving.

May I remember to be forgiving.

May we remember to be patient.

May we remember to constantly ask, “How can I help you? What can I do for you? How may I serve you?”

The purpose of life is found in service.