The Lord Will Not Let A Good Man Down

During the initial phases of my unemployment, by the end of 2001, Frank would call me every week to check how I was doing. We lived in the same neighborhood. He was not one of my closest friends, but he took upon himself calling regularly to encourage me. It is interesting how people come into our lives for a reason and for a season.

During one of those conversations he said, “Piero, the Lord will not let a good man down!” Those words had a tremendous effect on me. To this day, whenever I think about them, Frank’s deep voice, seasoned by his Jamaican accent, resonates in my mind. “The Lord will not let a good man down!” I believe that he was a messenger, and that the Spirit spoke to me through him. After our conversation I felt inspired to write a prayer that brought me much comfort and peace.

Almost two years later I was contacted by Vicky, from Catholic Charities, and offered the opportunity to minister to the unemployed. The idea was to create workshops that would lift up the spirits of those going through unemployment. While reviewing what I had put together, Rachel, who was assigned to organize the event, came across the prayer and fell in love with it. Hers was the idea of using it to close the workshops. And so it was. Sean and I were the presenters and we facilitated a series of workshops in several parish halls during 2003 and 2004.

Years went by and I din’t think much about the prayer until the day when Fernando, a friend, told me that it had been recited at the opening of a meeting he had attended. He knew it was mine because I was given credit as the author in the copies handed out. I was curious, excited and happy. He told me about Back on Track, an organization established to provide spiritual, motivational, and practical support to people facing career challenges. I looked up, found their website, and with amazement saw that my prayer had been posted on their home page. I sent them an email expressing my joy that the prayer was being used, and Art replied back with equal enthusiasm expressing how happy he was that they were now able to contact the author of the prayer they had adopted.

Since then, I have been a collaborator of Back on Track, leading workshops on a regular basis. The prayer has been in the hands of thousands of people now, and people approach me all the time to thank me, and tell me how it has helped them in difficult times.

Well, I guess that the point I am trying to make is that you never know how what you do is going to affect others; you never know how you are going to be used by God. I take all this humbly. I am happy that it took a life of its own. It is not my prayer; it is God’s. To God alone be the glory.


The Lord Will Not Let Anyone Down

Dear Lord, I thank you for everything. You gave me what I asked you. Losing my job was not a punishment but a reward, a blessing. You really love me. I thank you for the opportunity to spend more time with you, listening, learning, and serving you. Thank you for the additional time I now have to be with my loved ones. Thank you for the additional time I now have to take care of myself. Help me to use this time wisely. I ask you, Lord, to lead me in the right direction. In the middle of all confusion, help me hear you, choose you, and obey you. Give me the strength to reveal you and honor you through my dedicated work every day. Sometimes I feel that I am less organized and productive than I should in this job search. Give me peace to accept my limitations and free me from this anxiety. Let me understand that, even if I do all the many things I believe I should be doing, it is only because of you, it is only because of your blessings that I will find the right answers to my requests. I know you have a place where you want me to be and I will patiently wait for you to take me there. Inspire me, then, to do, among many things, the right things. Give me peace, strength, and courage to trust you, accept you, and surrender to you completely. Make me remember that you have always taken care of me and have always provided in abundance. Send me the people you want me to meet and that will be good to me. Lead me, Lord. Take me by the hand through the one open door, among many, you have chosen for me. Lead me to where you want me to serve you, reveal you, honor you, and touch other lives.

Written by Piero Falci, December 11, 2001


You can download a copy of the Back on Track Prayer at