I Love Myself

Some friends call me “Mr. Happy.” I have had many bad days in my life, ful of fear, anxiety and depression, but nowadays I am in a good mood the majority of the time. I count my blessings and give thanks everyday for the life that was given to me. I smile most of the time, and I sincerely try to make others feel good. It is not uncommon for people to approach me and ask, “How come you are always so happy? What is your secret?”

I thought about the things that make me happy, and wrote them down. I created a list and called it “My Happy Life Formula.” I read that list quite often to remind me of the things that make me happy. I put them in practice, and it works: they truly make me happy! I am happy because, everyday I do what I know I need to do to be happy.

First and foremost, I am happy because I love myself, fully and unconditionally. I am gentle with myself. I accept myself, approve myself, and take good care of myself. There’s nothing wrong with me. I am a child of God. I am whole, perfect and complete. I am.

I am happy because I love my neighbors as I love myself, and because I love myself a lot, I have a lot of love to give. I sincerely make it my objective to make other people happy. I pay attention to whoever may be in front of me at any given time, and I give them my love. This makes them happy, and it makes me happy. I am happy because I love everybody, and because everybody loves me… they may not know it yet, but eventually they will.


I am happy because I know I have the power to create my own happy reality. I can select my thoughts, discard the ugly ones and nurture the beautiful ones. And because I pay attention to the quality of my thoughts and do the things that make me happy, I have great, happy days, day after day, and this brings about a great, happy life.

I am happy, and the people around me is happy too.

God blesses me and I am a blessing to the world.

I give thanks and I am happy.