I Will Not Be Afraid, No Matter What

Do you know those times when you hear things that you know you needed to hear? Well, it happened again this morning.


We were at the beach, watching the sunrise and sharing some of the lessons we’ve learned in life, when Nancy said something that struck me: “The time came when I decided that I would not get stressed anymore, no matter what.”

I looked at her with astonishment. How can someone make such a decision? Isn’t stress something beyond our control? But I instantly realized that she was dead serious. What she was saying was not some superficial nonsense, but a deep commitment, and I could tell it by the tone of her voice. She really meant it. Hers was a decision of departure without the slightest chance of return.

That was a remarkable moment for me. I immediately heard my inner voice commanding, “Pay attention, Piero. Open your ears. There is an important message here for you.”

She told me that at a certain point in her life, after a series of tragic, painful events, she decided that she was not going to allow anything to stress her anymore. She had to do it, she told me, for her own sanity, to protect herself.

She, then, told me of difficult times she went through and how, by reminding herself of the promise she had made — “I will not get stressed, no matter what” — she was able, every time, to choose a better response. And what a difference this decision and practice made on the quality of her life!

I am blessed to have many awesome teachers in my life. Nancy is one of them, and she is fantastic.


She went through so much in her life! She could have chosen to be bitter, but she is one of the most positive individuals I have ever met. She always looks for the best in everything. She practices gratitude, constantly acknowledging what she has been blessed with. I admire her immensely, especially because she is this amazing human being by choice, her own. She is a living example that being in control of the quality of one’s own life, by choosing the right thoughts and responses, is perfectly possible. She is a powerful role model, and she is my teacher. How fortunate I am!

So, allow me share with you the mighty lesson I learned from Nancy this morning. Maybe it can be useful to you too.

Today, I solemnly promise myself that …

I will not get stressed, no matter what.

I will not get depressed, no matter what.

I will not be afraid, no matter what.

I will not worry, no matter what.

I will always be grateful, no matter what.

… and by remembering these promises during the tough moments, I will be able to choose the best responses, the ones that will make my life, and the lives of those around me, better.