Imagine A Whole New World

Imagine a complete change in mankind’s mindset.

Imagine every baby coming into this planet being greeted in the delivery room with these words: “Welcome! You made it! You are in Heaven! This is your garden and your playground. Take good care of both: make the garden more beautiful and the playground more enjoyable, and go have lots of fun with everything and everyone in this planet!”


Imagine we also receive this message at birth: “Welcome! You made it! You are in Heaven! Don’t worry. This is a place of abundance. There is more than enough for everyone. You don’t have to be afraid. You don’t have to accumulate. Just take good care of the garden and the playground, help one another, share your toys, and go have lots of fun with your friends.”


Imagine these messages becoming the truth we all live by.

Imagine how the idea that this is Heaven — that we are in Heaven already — could change everything.

Imagine how a slight change in mankind’s mindset could create a whole new world.

Imagine a whole new world.



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