Day 26 of the Silent Journey

I think of those

whom I love so much

and haven’t touched enough lately

and I give thanks


I think of friends

precious gifts that I cherish so much

and I give thanks


I see you

whom I love so much

silently asleep by my side

and I give thanks


How fortunate I am!

How blessed I am!

How rich I am!


The sun, the breeze, the spider at rest

a life full of miracles

a life that I love so much


I give thanks

I give thanks

I give thanks


Day 25 of the Silent Journey

I am what I think, what I say, and what I do.

I am what I imagine and what I feel.

Aware of this great power, today I solemnly declare that I am unchained and free.

I am here to serve my fellow spiritual beings while they are having their temporary human experiences. I work to bring about more justice and equality to the world. I stand up and speak up to denounce injustice, oppression and exploitation. I am a voice for those less fortunate who are not allowed to speak, a champion for the causes of those who have few champions, a protector of the unprotected.

I embrace everyone with a compassionate heart, even those who are not yet aware that they too should abandon the oppressive and exploitive ways and, with solidarity and generosity in their hearts, join the great spiritual teachers in the work of promoting justice and equality.

I am here to remind myself and those who can hear me that we can all have happier existences if instead of focusing only in satisfying ourselves, we focused on helping others live better lives, and become all that they can be so they may be able to give their best gifts to the world.


I am giving of myself to cultivate justice and equality.

I am giving of myself to create more peaceful and united communities.

I am giving my contribution to bring about a whole new world!

I am bringing Heaven to Earth!

And I am doing all this while exuding a peaceful and healing energy.

The Divine Presence is felt through me.


Day 24 of the Silent Journey

I have heard you. You can stop now. I know that you love me. But do you realize that I love you?

Could you, please — at least for a moment — stop all your prayers and petitions? Could you, please, stop with all your worries and doubts? Could you, please, stop feeling guilty, afraid, and unworthy of my love? Could you take one moment now, and simply be still?

Just be still, in silence, and feel my love for you.

Can you feel it?

I am here for you.
I am here for you.

OK. Very good. So, now that you have felt my love, let me tell you what I want:

I want you to feel my love for you, all the time.

I want you to know that I love you, just the way you are, all the time.

I want you to accept my love, and rejoice in it, all the time.

That’s what I want from you.


Day 23 of the Silent Journey

I am what I think, what I say, and what I do.

Aware of this great power, here’s who I am:

I am the bringer of consolation to those who are hurting.

I am the bringer of good news to…

the oppressed, the abused, the exploited;

the discriminated, the isolated, the marginalized, the segregated;

the threatened, the terrorized;

the less fortunate, the underprivileged, the disadvantaged, the dispossessed, the disinherited, the most vulnerable;

the needy, the poor, the destitute;

the economically and socially insecure, the unprotected, the defenseless, the helpless;

the homeless, the jobless, the slave, the working poor;

the despised, the thrown away;

the neglected, the left behind, the abandoned, the forgotten, the ones who have no one to care for them.

I am the keeper of my brothers and sisters around the world, because we are all one. They are as much a part of me as I am a part of them, and if one part is not well, I can’t be well; if one part is not well, we, the whole, can’t be well.

My spiritual journey brought me here, to the realization that this journey is not only about my personal transformation, but also about my contribution to the transformation of society. I have realized that my personal transformation will always be incomplete without my dedication to make the world a better place for all. I am called to stand up for justice and equality, and to speak up to denounce oppression, dehumanization, and exploitation.

But, looking from another perspective, maybe this journey is all about personal transformation, because, as I came to realize, a true, radical, spiritual transformation naturally and inescapably leads to a personal commitment to promote equal justice and equal opportunity. A radical transformation leaves no alternative except engaging in the work to establish ample social justice.


You who know, and whose vast knowing

is born of poverty, abundance of poverty —

make it so the poor are no longer

despised and thrown away.

Look at them standing about —

like wildflowers, which have nowhere else to grow.

~ Rainer Maria Rilke, in Rilke’s Book of Hours