Day 11 of the Silent Journey

In this overly competitive and selfish culture we live in, I was constantly pushed to focus on what I wanted to achieve. I was trained, from an early age, to focus on my desires. I was coached to imagine what I wanted to own, and what kind of life I wanted to live. Then, I was directed to figure out, pretty much on my own, what I needed to do to get those things. I was directed to the ‘do-have-be’ illusion. I was told that if I did a lot, I would have a lot, and then I would be a lot. I wasn’t coached to discover who I was, what gifts God had given me, and what contribution I could give to the world. I was instructed in a very selfish discipline of looking solely after ‘Me, Myself, and I.’

Well, today I recognize that this is the mindset that leads to violence. We live very violent lives because we put ourselves in motion to selfishly get what we want, and we see others either as as objects to be used to achieve our goals, or obstacles that must be removed from our paths. We engage in a single-handed fight against the world, ready to crush anyone who gets on our way. “It is my way or the highway,” we say. We live every moment of our lives immersed in fear, suspicion, violence, stress, and anxiety.

Well, this didn’t work, and it never will.


Today I solemnly declare that I had enough of this, and I don’t want any of this anymore.

Today I solemnly declare that I am moving to the land of cooperation and collaboration, where trust, respect, honesty, integrity, friendliness, gentleness, kindness, compassion, generosity, peace, and unity abound.

Today I solemnly declare that I will express my desires and work to achieve them, but I will let go of the need to control the outcomes.

Today I solemnly declare that things don’t have to be my way.

Today I solemnly declare that, without any resistance, I surrender and yield to God, accepting everything that comes my way, and letting God lead the way.