Day 21 of the Silent Journey

I made a decision… I have decided to give, not to take away. 

I am aware that every thing I do, no matter how insignificant, can be a contribution to the Universe; or not. I am grateful for all tasks that come my way, and I do each one of them with attention and with the intention of giving my best contribution for the betterment of the world. This practice of doing with sincere attention and selfless intention is what brings meaning and quality to my life.


Guided by Mother Teresa I have learned that I don’t have to be concerned with doing extraordinary things. I just need to do every thing, no matter how small, with great love, because great love produces extraordinary results. Great love operates miracles. Great love transforms even the most ordinary in extraordinary. Therefore, what I do does not matter as much as the amount of love I put into the doing.

I made a decision… I have decided to put great love into my doing — love for the task at hand and love for the people who will benefit from it.


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