Day 17 of the Silent Journey

I Connect, Communicate and Commune with God. Deepening my relationship with God, I feel God’s presence, I hear God, and experience God’s love. I experience the highest type of unity: communion with God and with all life. I feel that we are all one, that we are all interconnected.

I came to realize that God is always with me, hugging me. I don’t need to attend an elaborate ritual to be with God. I don’t need to go to a special place to be with God. I don’t need an intermediary to connect with God. I don’t need a special time to be with God. I don’t need to recite memorized words put together by someone else to connect with God. All I need is to be in committed relationship with God. In this relationship, I, more than anything else, listen. I don’t need to ask for anything, because God knows what I need. All I have to do is feel God’s presence, feel God’s love, and listen to what God wants from me. I am with God, and God is with me, all the time. I came to realize that I have the power to either include or exclude God from my life, and I have invited God to be with me at all times.

Sometimes, when I think about the methods I have been taught and have been using to Connect, Communicate, and Commune with God, I imagine that God gets bored with the same old rituals and old prayers, with me reciting and asking the same things over and over again. With a smile on my face, I imagine God saying, “O no; not again! Can’t you come up with something new, something creative and fun? Can’t you celebrate life and show your joy? What have you done with the creativity that I have given you? I don’t need you to worship me. I want you to feel my love for you. I want you to allow me to be with you at all times. I want you to listen to me. I want you to take good care of the Garden and the Playground that I have given you, enjoy life, have fun, and take care of one another.”


For me, prayer is relationship; prayer is connection, communication and communion, and I do pray all the time. I live a prayer-full life — a life full of prayer — because I am in relationship with God. All I have to do is to be aware that God is present, and that I am in God’s presence all the time. And that’s easy; by paying attention and being alert I see manifestations of the Divine everywhere. Miracles abound and surround me all the time. I feel that God is giving me gifts all the time. I feel loved. I live in awareness of God’s presence. That’s all that is needed, and that is enough.

I have direct access to God, and God is with me all the time.

There is never, ever, a moment in my life when I am separated from God.

God is always present, even in my suffering.

God is always with me, and worthiness has nothing to do with it.

Smile! God has blessed me with this relationship, and a similar relationship is available to you too!

Life is good! Life is great! Enjoy it!


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