Day 14 of the Silent Journey

I understood that all I have is the gift of the present moment, and I have accepted God’s invitation to be still.

I let go of the distracting thoughts, noises, and sensations, and I focus on my breathing.

I am present, beyond words, beyond thoughts, beyond moods.


I realize that life is lived one breath at a time, and that I will continue to live one breath at a time, until that time when I will breathe for one last time.

I realize that I am on my way to that final breath when, willingly or not, I will have to yield, surrender, and let go.

I welcome the opportunities that life gives me to practice yielding, surrendering, and letting go. I am getting good at it. I am getting ready for a peaceful transition on that moment of final surrender, when I will have to let go of all attachments, all desires, and when all power and wealth will be of no use.

I am going home. And so are you.

Life is good. Life is great.

And so is death.


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