Day 16 of the Silent Journey

What is this thing I call prayer? Why do I pray? Do I need to belong to a church and worship? Is God a needy being that demands to be worshipped? Why do I go to mass? Isn’t it to commune with God?

Once I started to pray in silence, I felt a deeper connection with God. Actually I experienced Connection, Communication and Communion with God, something that I came to refer to as “The 3 Cs.”

Once I began praying in silence I realized that silent prayer was allowing me to Connect, Communicate, and Commune with God at a much deeper level than all the other rituals and practices I had engaged before in my life. Through silent prayer, I came to understand that all prayer is relationship, and, in my case, I not only chose the kind of relationship I wanted, but, as perplexing as it may sound, I also chose the kind of god I wanted to relate to. I chose to develop a loving and gentle relationship with a loving and gentle god. During this process, I also became more loving and gentle with my own self, and better able to find love and gentleness in other individuals as well.

Here’s the god that I have found in Centering Prayer… or the god that I have created for me… or the god that God has created for me: I have found a god who desires a relationship with me, a god who wants to be my close friend.




God is my friend.

I experience a friendship like no other with God.


Day 15 of the Silent Journey

So, why am I here?

I am here to learn and to teach.

I am here to explore and to inspire.


I am here to learn to yield, surrender and let go.

I am here to experience my death and my resurrection before my own physical death.

I am here to experience the death of my false ego, with all its need to feel needed and important.

I am here to experience the birth of a deep awareness that I am an eternal spiritual being having a temporary human experience.


I am here to go through that radical transformation that will allow me to learn to die before I actually die.

I am here to go through that radical transformation that will allow me to experience my resurrection as a spiritual being while I am still alive.

I am here to wake up and see.

A new consciousness. A new awareness. A new life.


You are free!

Life is good!

Life is great!


Day 14 of the Silent Journey

I understood that all I have is the gift of the present moment, and I have accepted God’s invitation to be still.

I let go of the distracting thoughts, noises, and sensations, and I focus on my breathing.

I am present, beyond words, beyond thoughts, beyond moods.


I realize that life is lived one breath at a time, and that I will continue to live one breath at a time, until that time when I will breathe for one last time.

I realize that I am on my way to that final breath when, willingly or not, I will have to yield, surrender, and let go.

I welcome the opportunities that life gives me to practice yielding, surrendering, and letting go. I am getting good at it. I am getting ready for a peaceful transition on that moment of final surrender, when I will have to let go of all attachments, all desires, and when all power and wealth will be of no use.

I am going home. And so are you.

Life is good. Life is great.

And so is death.