The Last House

He built houses. That’s what he did. And what an accomplished craftsman he was! Building was his passion. His houses were, simply put, the best. For him, every detail was important, everything had to be perfect, everything deserved his best effort. But after years of building the most admired houses in the region, he grew tired of it.

One day, he approached the owner of the company he had been working for all his life, and told him that he didn’t want to do it anymore. His boss tried to change his mind, but wasn’t able to. All his employer was able to do was to convince him to build just one more house, the last one.

And so he went… but the passion wasn’t there anymore; he didn’t take the time to select the best materials, or to finish everything to perfection. He just wanted to get it over with. In the end, this house didn’t look anything like the ones he had built before.

Once he finished, he came to his boss to give him the keys of the house he had just built, and he was shocked when he heard, “No, don’t give me the keys; you keep them. This is my way of thanking you for everything you’ve done for me. This is your house now. Enjoy it!”


The Law of Karma

Watch out! Everything you do comes back to you. Your thoughts, words, and deeds will come back to either reward or punish you.

Always give your best. Pursue excellence at all times. You never know who is watching you.

Every job is important. There are no ordinary jobs, only uninspired people doing them in ordinary ways.