Day 24 – Meghann and Aaron

What a beautiful couple!

Simply put, Meghann and Aaron are two beautiful human beings, outside and inside. They exude beauty and their goodness shines through.

Beauty everywhere!

This was the first time I met them, and they immediately made us — Maria, Pedro and I — feel completely welcome. I am so grateful for that. Kindness and generosity with strangers is a clear evidence of goodness. They have plenty of it.

An image to help remember a moment never to be forgotten

Aaron will love, honor and take good care of Meghann.

Meghann will love, honor and take good care of Aaron…

… and they will have lots of fun together

… and they will share memorable meals together

… and they will see extraordinary places together (here on Earth, and depending on how fast space travel develops, out there in the cosmos as well)

… and they will build a beautiful family together

… and they will make this world a better place.

All is good now and the future will be even better.

Life is good!


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