The Bliss of Being in Heaven

This solo biking journey is giving me many opportunities to be here-now, to pay attention to the world around me. I guess that traveling does this to everyone; it awakens our senses and enhances our attention.

A little pause for reflection along the road…

I believe that our mission in this life is to develop our attentiveness, in order to be able to feel the Divine Presence, and realize that this Presence is everywhere.

If Heaven is where God is, then wherever we experience the bliss of being with God we are in Heaven, right?

It is by paying attention that we realize the beauty that is around us, the miracles that surround us.

It is our diligent observation that will make us realize that God is in each of us, and we all are in God.

And this realization will, from that moment on, inspire what we think, say, and do; it will guide us to create Heaven, and will lead us to experience a Heaven of beauty and abundance, right here on this Earth.


Pay Attention! Be Alert!

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