3 thoughts on “Day 23 – Water… clean, drinkable, beautiful”

    1. Hi T J, It is nice hearing from you. How are you doing? I guess the weather in Oregon is getting better and you are riding your bike more often, aren’t you? Are you still pumped up to ride your bike to Alabama? I hope so. It was very nice meeting you on my trip. I call you one of my guardian angels. You made that day special and memorable for me. Thank you for helping me navigate the road between Rockaway and Tillamook. The Crab Gauge ou gave me is the only souvenir I brought back with me from this bike trip; it is on display in my kitchen, so I see it often and it reminds me of you. Thank you for reading my book and I am happy that you enjoyed reading it. Keep me posted on what you will be doing, OK? I would like to know what your plans are. All the best, my friend… Piero

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