Day 21 – I know where the Blues Brothers are…

If you have been following my journey, you know the many interesting people that I have met along the way.

You also know that I have used my superb investigative skills to reveal where Ringo, Bono, and Clak Kent are living.

Now I will reveal where “Joilet” Jake Blues and and Elwood Blues are…

… South Lake Tahoe, California!!!

Day 21 – We Are One

It is another perfect day for a walk in the woods.

I am taking the day for hiking in Nevada. I am going up Kingsbury Grade, through the woods, and then down to Nevada Beach.

It is so serene… the smell is so refreshing… silence and solitude… and then, suddenly, I am transported to a different dimension. There is no distance… no near or far… space is an illusion. Time slows down, and I realize that I am not separated, but that I am one with everything else.

I know what you are thinking. 🙂

Yes, I am in California, and… No, I am not smoking anything.

Back in 1997 I traveled to Utah to attend a week-long experience on principle-centered living with Stephen R. Covey. Back then I wrote a letter to my sons the day I arrived in Sundance, after a walk in the woods of Mount Timpanogas in the Wasatch Mountains.

Sometimes it is necessary to be alone in silence, and think. Today I have done just that. Today I took the trail to the waterfall. The one who arrives first does not win. The one who wins is he who enjoys the stroll the most.

We must walk slowly, in silence, and look at everything… the flowers, the sprouts, the tree trunks, the stones, the shadows, the sun through the leaves, the little insects and the huge sky.

We must look at the smallest and the biggest things. We must look at what is near and what is far.

Listen to all sounds: the river, the wind, the dogs barking in the distance and the grasshopper. Touch, feel, and understand that the little pebble contains the whole world. Feel the sun’s warmth, the breeze, and the cold in the shade. See the reflections of the sunlight on the water. Breathe in. Smell.

Look at the trees, humble yourself, and become one with nature.

Sometimes we need to be alone, in silence, without distractions, and just be.


Day 21 – Father and Sons

I woke up this morning with a phone call. It was Mateus, my son. We had an enjoyable conversation and talked for quite a while. Apparently my little adventure reignited my son’s interest in me.

“You are a very interesting man, dad,” he told me, with the excitement of someone who has made a recent discover. “I was thinking about you and the many roles you have had in your life. How many different jobs have you had?”

We began listing and got up to almost thirty different occupations, from the powerful high-paying jobs to the humblest ones. “You know something, dad? Someday I will do a documentary about you and your trip… It will be a son retracing the steps of his father.”

“I know it will be good, Mateus,” I told him.

He wished me good luck with the rest of my journey and we exchanged goodbyes.

After our conversation, I went out for a walk in the woods, and I kept thinking how this journey is inspiring my sons.

Witnessing their father doing something unexpected for his age is making them realize that age is relative. It is guiding them to take a second look at their own lives. It is instilling in them courage to pursue their grandest dreams, and self-confidence to ignore the nay-sayers they will meet along the way.

This trip is also making me take another look at my role as a father. I am here to inspire and support them.

Life is a mystery and I know that I have been blessed… two exceptional human beings came into my life, and made me a better man.

Nothing brings me more joy than my sons.