Day 17 – Words of Encouragement

6:48 AM – I am leaving Eureka hoping to get to the Avenue of the Giants this afternoon.

Steve – 6:51 AM – It’s supposed to be a beautiful place. They run a marathon thru the Avenue of the Giants. Pace yourself and take in the beauty. Remember you have all day to get to your destination.

6:55 AM – Thanks. I need to pace. The campground is 50 miles away.

Steve – 7:03 AM – That’s a good doable ride. It’s always easy when you are looking forward to the destination.

8:17 AM – 10 miles gone. 40 to go.

Steve – 8:20 AM – Excellent! The first are always the hardest. Good weather, I hope. I ran 10 miserable miles with your wife and Bob this morning. Much rather be with you, minus the singing and hugs. 🙂

9:41 AM – 20 miles done. 30 more to go. Stopped for croissant and hot chocolate.

Steve – 9:46 AM – You’re the man!

11:33 AM – 30 miles completed. 20 miles to go.

Steve – 11:37 AM – Great job! Not even noon yet! Grab a good lunch and finish strong. Tally Ho.

12:01 PM – Stopped for burger, fries, and blueberry milk shake at Rio Dell

12:09 PM – Actually it is a blackberry milkshake

Steve – 2:56 PM – How is it going?

3:49 PM – Beautiful road. Mostly flat for the last 4 miles. 6 miles to campground. Not sure about cell service in the middle of these woods.

Steve – 3:51 PM – Great. 50 miles. Personal best. Enjoy.

4:23 PM – Got to the Burlington Campground in the Avenue of the Giants. 52.8 Miles.


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