Day 17 – Making Plans

My plans? Well, Meg and Aaron’s wedding is scheduled for the 25th in Lake Tahoe. That’s where I have to be.

Ideally I would like to get to San Francisco on the 22nd, ship the bike back to Florida on the 23rd, and catch a bus to Lake Tahoe on the 24th.

Looking at the distance between where I am now and San Francisco, I realize that I will never get there on time if I keep on biking. I have to find a way of getting somewhere closer to San Francisco using faster transportation. Maybe I can go by bus to Santa Rosa, and bike from there to San Francisco, but I am not sure where to get the bus, how to ship the bike in the bus, or the bus schedule.

Tim, Bill and Mark will be leaving Eureka and heading to San Francisco tomorrow, and they are riding Bill’s pickup truck. I’m going to ask Tim if it would be possible for them to give me a ride to Santa Rosa. I’m quite sure that the bike will fit in the back of the truck. I send Tim a text and a few texts later he lets me know the good news: they have agreed to pick me up tomorrow morning and give me a ride south.


This is really great.








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