Day 17 – Jane and Adam

I met a lovely couple this evening at the campground in the Avenue of the Giants. Jane and Adam, currently living in New York City, are riding their tandem bike from Crescent City, in Northern California, all the way south to the border of Mexico, then back north again to Los Angeles.

After that, they are shipping their bike back to NYC, and heading to India for a wedding and some sightseeing, before returning to New York or Cambridge.

Quite a trip!

Jane and Adam are both actors and they perform on the streets… Shakespeare in the Park…ing Lot, they told me.

Besides being an actor, Adam is also a photographer and a visual artist. Check these sites to learn more about him

Jane, who has a graduate degree from Harvard, teaches actors how to properly speak with different regional accents, and also how to train and properly use their voices.

They invited me and we sat down by the campfire.

We talked about our lives and our bike journeys. We shared how people reacted when we announced what we were going to do. The reactions were kind of similar, except that, in their case, many people expressed a concern that, because they were going to ride tandem, they would be spending ‘too much time together.” They smiled and expressed how much they enjoy each other’s company and the wonderful conversations they are having along the way.

We had smores! Yeah! My camping experience is now complete!

The following morning, after packing, I went over to say goodbye and they asked me, “North or South?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Just choose one of the two… North or South?”

“South,” I said.

“OK, South it will be. Let us explain… We had to decide where we were going to go after the wedding… to the North or to the South of India. Both trips are interesting and we didn’t know how to choose. You just helped us with the decision. South it will be!”

We wished each other luck. We hugged each other, and I left.

I am heading South.


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