Here’s the bike I will be riding.

Steve's Windsor Tourist

Actually this is Steve’s bike and I will probably be riding a similar one, a brand new one… or not… I have to decide if I ship his bike to Oregon or if I buy a new one and have it shipped.

A brand new bicycle… Should I or should I not?

Pros and Cons: the usual dilemma when there are choices involved…

Here are some of the thoughts crossing my mind…

I am used to this bike already, and I am comfortable with it. It has been used, so it has already been broken in. A new bike can surprise me. It will be the same model but it will be a completely new bike that will need to go through the break in period. On the other hand, all components will be brand new, and this may be a positive. The optimist in me says that, maybe, I will like the new bike even more than the bike I am riding now.

If I ship Steve’s bike, the time I’ll have his bicycle available for my training will be reduced. If I buy a new one, I can keep riding Steve’s bike until the day of my departure… and I think I need to do that in order to be well prepared for the journey.

I am going back and forth on riding Steve’s bike or a new one. I guess I need to create a good T chart with the pros and cons and make a decision.

I will keep you posted.

Windsor Tourist




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