About Piero

Piero Falci is a citizen of the world. His ancestors emigrated from Europe to South
America and he was born and educated in Brazil. After his college graduation, he
continued his studies in Italy and Japan. He also lived in Argentina before settling in the
United States. Besides English, he is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.
His professional experience covers the public, private and
nonprofit sectors. He was the Executive Director of a large
government agency in Brazil and occupied many upper
management positions in the corporate world, working for large
multinational corporations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Living in several countries and traveling extensively throughout
the world, he learned to enjoy the beauty of many different

cultures, but also observed manifestations of ignorance,
prejudice and social injustice everywhere.
"Who we were does not determine who we are, and who we are does not necessarily determine
who we will be.  Our future is not inescapably shaped by our past.”
Piero Falci
Unexpected changes in his life unleashed a deep transformation. He accepted the
calling to pay extreme attention to the world around him and to the "small voice
within." His dedication to observe, listen, and reflect upon what was being revealed to
him, opened up doors for new adventures in his life.

Today Piero enjoys a peaceful life centered in the present moment, and finds great
delight in sharing what he has learned. He is convinced that the solution to our
problems demands an intense commitment with attention that ultimately leads to an
enhancement in our perception. He is committed to helping other people achieve an
elevated awareness of our divine nature and oneness.

Confident that humanity will one day live together in harmony, he currently channels
the majority of his humanitarian efforts through the nonprofit organization One Planet
United, with special dedication to its Silent Peace Walk initiative.

One Planet United
Silent Peace Walk
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