Pay Attention! Be Alert! Discovering Your Route to Happiness

Life is good! Life is great! Happiness is at hand. All we have to do is to Pay Attention
Be Alert. If we do just that we will see things that we could not see before. We will
see that we are spiritual beings having human experiences, and that we are, at the same
time, mortal and immortal, human and divine. We will also realize how interconnected
and interdependent we all are, and this new conscience of our divinity and oneness will
liberate us from all your fears, allowing us to live happy lives.

Piero Falci went through a deep transformation, whose essence is captured in the
generous words of a friend:
"Piero, you didn't go through a mid-life crisis. You went
through a mid-life awakening and enlightenment."
During this journey that lasted seven
years he paid extreme attention to the world around him and the voice within, and
carefully recorded what was being revealed to him.
Those life-changing revelations are the core of the book Pay
Attention! Be Alert!

Today, Piero enjoys a peaceful life centered in the present moment
and finds great delight in sharing what he has learned. He is
committed to helping others achieve a higher consciousness,
convinced that a widespread awareness of our divine nature and
oneness is what will pave the way for universal justice, peace and

Pay Attention! Be Alert! is a guide that reveals the route to
“We are human and divine, mortal and immortal, independent and interdependent, separated and
connected. We are many and we are one.”
Piero Falci
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Silent Peace Walk - From Inner Peace to World Peace

This book will take readers to see peace under a new light, and will inspire them to take
action. It contains a step-by-step guide on how to bring Silent Peace Walks to life.

If you have been wanting to do something to bring more peace to the world but have
not yet found what to do, this book is for you. The Silent Peace Walk is an effective
way to contribute to peace. It's easy, and anyone can do it. All you have to do is to
walk in silence mindfully, and experience peace within and around you. By doing so,
you will grow your reserves of inner peace, which will help you bring more peace to the
world through peaceful thoughts, words and actions. Ultimately, lasting world peace
can only be achieved through inner peace. When we realize that we are completely
interconnected, peace becomes the only possible way. Silent Peace Walks lead us to
that mystical awareness of our common nature and oneness, which is fundamental for
long-lasting peace.
Peaceful Ways - The Power of Making Your Wishes Come True

Do you feel that you need to take some time off to make an assessment of your life
and seriously ponder, “What is calling me? Who am I meant to be?”  

If you want to put yourself in motion to fulfill your life’s purpose -- if you are ready to
heed your highest calling and follow your bliss -- this book is for you. It will remind you
of who you are and what you were brought here to do. It will give you useful tools
that will help you bring about the life of your dreams.

Since the secret to manifest the life of our dreams is to be who we are and do what
we are meant to do, the method begins with authenticity, with knowing ourselves
and setting goals that are in alignment with who we really are. From there, the
method incorporates Mindfulness Meditation, Creative Visualization, Positive
Affirmations, and the JFT - Just For Today Personal Commitments, an easy tool that
takes us back to work on our goals every single day.  This is a new and effective
method to manifest the life of your dreams.